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Can Shoes Cause Back Pain: 5 Tips & Tricks
Can Shoes Cause Back Pain: 5 Tips & Tricks

Can Shoes Cause Back Pain: 5 Tips & Tricks

Most people nowadays are complaining about back pain. There are many causes of pain, but have you ever thought that?          

                “What’s the common cause?”

 The foot has a major impact on our lives. The way the rest of your body feels depends upon the kind of shoes you wear. Many causes of lower back pain are injuries and poor posture. Shoes play an effective role on the body, even more than we feel. We will discuss ways and factors by which back pain can be reduced by choosing the right shoes.

Here are some ways in which shoes can contribute to back pain.

Can Shoes Cause Back Pain

Lack Of Support:

Wearing shoes that do not support arches, your feet would not feel comfortable. Your body changes the ways in which you stand or walk, which eventually makes your muscles feel tired.

Wearing High Heels:

Wearing high heels can shift all of the body weight forward. This makes the lower back bend, which ultimately leads to discomfort and pain in your back area.

 Poorly fitted shoes:

If you wear ill-fitted shoes, it will change your gait and will affect the alignment of the spine. Properly fitted shoes are necessary for correcting back pain.

 Flat shoes:

Wearing shoes with very short soles does not provide shock absorption and vital support. These factors are a major cause of pain due to shoes.

Improper Athletic shoes:

Wearing inappropriate shoes when you are engaged in physical activities or sports, can strain your back. Appropriate footwear is suitable during sports.

Can Shoes Cause Back Pain

The next question that arises is

        “How to overcome these factors to reduce Pain?”

Tips for Preventing Back Pain through Footwear

Orthotic Inserts

If your favorite shoes lack proper support, consider using orthotic inserts. These inserts can provide the necessary arch support and cushioning, helping to alleviate strain on your back.

Custom Orthotics: Consider getting custom-made orthotic inserts, especially if you have specific foot issues that contribute to back pain.

Ergonomic shoes: These shoes provide a comfortable fit and support stability. The back, feet, and legs are provided with a movement of ease through ergonomic shoes.

Prescription shoes:

They have the following uses

  • Help blood circulation and main blood flow
  • Can relieve pain
  • Help in avoiding surgeries


Wearing proper sole shoes, selecting supportive shoes during sports, and properly fitted shoes will affect your body in a healthy way. This will lift your body accurately and will provide comfort and support to the Lower back and the rest of the body parts. As we already know “Health is wealth” so we must take care of our health whether it’s mental or physical health Both equally contribute to our overall well-being. 

As I remember “My mother was suffering from back pain for the last few months. But then, she tried Orthotic Inserts, and she recovered in a few weeks”.


Are there specific shoe styles that are better for back pain than others?

Yes, certain shoe styles are generally better for back pain. Shoes with good arch support, cushioning, and a slightly raised heel are often more comfortable and supportive for the back. Look for shoes designed for comfort and orthopedic support.

Do shoe insoles or inserts really make a difference in preventing back pain?

Yes, high-quality shoe insoles or orthotic inserts can make a significant difference in preventing back pain. These inserts provide additional arch support, and cushioning, and help maintain proper alignment, reducing the strain on your back.

Can children experience back pain due to improper footwear?

Yes, children’s growing bodies are vulnerable to the effects of unsupportive footwear. It’s essential to ensure that children wear shoes that provide adequate support to promote healthy development and prevent potential back issues.

Can wearing unsupportive shoes affect my overall posture?

Yes, wearing shoes without proper support can lead to poor posture. When your feet aren’t well-supported, it can cause imbalances that affect your entire body’s alignment, potentially leading to back pain and posture issues.

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