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Can You Dry Clean Shoes And Tips on Cleaning Your Shoes
Can You Dry Clean Shoes And Tips on Cleaning Your Shoes

Can You Dry Clean Shoes And Tips on Cleaning Your Shoes

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes or shoes using a chemical solvent instead of water. The most common solvent used for cleaning is Perchloroethylene. It is also called tetrachloroethylene.

Can you dry clean shoes ? While in normal routine shoes can be cleaned at home with the help of a shoe clean kit. But when we are dealing with heavy stains yes you can bring your shoes to dry cleaning. In the case of Fabric Shoes, there is no problem as they are treated in a similar fashion to clothes. While in the case of other materials this option can be risky.

This post provides information about how to dry clean your shoes and what material shoes can be dry cleaned.

What Shoes can be dry cleaned?

The simple answer to this question is, that shoes in which simple fabrics are used can be dry clean like running shoes or athletic shoes. As in dry cleaning chemicals and detergents are used and they have very hard action during cleaning. While in the case of Leather or Suede shoes this option seems dangerous as this process can damage your shoes. So the question is what we will do with other shoes then? hold on I will share some tips.

Tips to Clean Leather Shoes at Home

When it comes to cleaning patent leather shoes, you will be dealing with the signs of wear and age—dirt and scuffs or fading. Make sure that your “cleaning” products do what they’re supposed to do to keep your shoes looking their best.

  • Use a clean cloth and a soft-bristled brush to remove debris and dust.
  • Combine a half cup of warm water with a few drops of laundry detergent, and let the mixture sit for a minute or two, then stir it up
  • Apply a small amount of the cleaning mixture to a sponge or soft cloth and clean the affected area.
  • Apply a small amount of warm water to another dry cloth to remove any excess soap.
  • Now just dry the shoes at room temperature.
  • To treat another issue which is ageing now use commercial polish which suits the colour of the shoe and now polish the pair gently.
  • Restore the shine with a spritz of ammonia-and alcohol-free glass cleaner and buff with a soft cloth.

Tips for Suede Shoe Cleaning at Home

Suede shoes have a small service life and they can be looking old after some time the only way to keep them fresh is to whenever you remove them try to clean the dust with a soft brush.

  • General dirt and dust on suede can be removed by scraping the suede gently with fine sandpaper.
  • For more nasty stains, an industrial suede cleaner can be used. However, it is very important to ensure proper application, as suede is very susceptible to stains. or you can use simple shampoo and water but it will not work like a pro.
  • Shoes like sheep or goat skin often have linings inside that get even dirtier than the outside. To keep fungus and odour under control, regularly wipe down the inside of the boots with a cloth dipped in a solution of wool shampoo and water, or by a 50:50 vinegar-water rinse. Allow the boots to air dry for at least 24 hours before wearing them.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, when it comes to cleaning fabric shoes, you don’t need to use any special products. Simply put them in a washing machine with some detergent and let them soak for about 30 minutes. Then, hang them up to dry.

But in the case of leather and suede special treatment is needed and when you think you cannot handle those in home there are always professionals who can take care of it.

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