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How Long Do Climbing Shoes Last
How Long Do Climbing Shoes Last

How Long Do Climbing Shoes Last

In this post, we will discuss How Long Do Climbing Shoes Last and how to make them last longer. We will also give you some advice on how to care for your shoes and when they should be replaced.

Climbing is a sport that requires a high degree of physical strength, endurance, and mental focus. This can result in a lot of wear and tear on the feet of climbers. The feet of climbers tend to suffer the most damage. To prevent or reduce foot injuries, it’s important to know how long climbing shoes Last.

Most of the time, if you are a hardcore climber then shoes last for a few months like 3 months. The shoes can be used for up to a year if you are once a weak guy. However, the length of time that the shoes can be used depends on the type of climbing and material.

How To Make Climbing Shoes Last Longer

Climbing shoes are a big investment. You want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. So, we will discuss some practices you can follow to make them last longer.


let’s not complicate it by explaining all the footwork styles just beginners’ words during climbing always go for a safe and comfortable style. The more rough climbing you will do it will be more dangerous for you and your shoes.

The more you scrape your shoes, the more they will wear out over time. Climbing shoes have special rubber soles that are designed to provide superior traction.

Material Of Shoe

The main thing that determines how long climbing shoes Last is the type of shoe material used. If you choose a shoe that has a Soft and durable rubber sole, then you can expect the shoe to last a long time. However, if you choose a shoe that has a hard sole, then you should be prepared to replace the shoe more often.

Hard soles are cheap and tend to crack after some wear and tear. So it’s better to go for soft rubber soles as they will prove more grip and also lasts longer. Also, thick rubber soles generally last longer than thin because soles scraps with time.

Climbing shoes have top soles also which are made of leather or sometimes cheap leatherette. If it’s pure leather then the shoe will last longer because we can re-sole it if the sole gets damaged.

Resole Climbing Shoes

If the rubber is broken then no need to buy new shoes and you can adopt a cheaper alternative you can resole your climbing shoes for only 50$.But new shoes are more than 100$ also you have to leave your fav shoes.

So if you want to make your old pair of shoes last longer and only their sole is worn out you can replace them instead of going for the extra expense.

Right Size 

It’s important to wear the right size of climbing shoes. If you are wearing too small of a shoe, then you will not have enough support and stability. On the other hand, if you are wearing too big of a shoe, then you will feel uncomfortable and have problems with your foot placement. 

By doing so your shoe will also face wear and tear. Over time, it will be scrubbed more or can get cracked as well.


If you will choose a rocky train instead of some sandy one it’s obvious that shoes have to undergo an intense workout as well as you. in that case your sole will get scrubbed and will get worn out in some weeks.

There is some brand that gives high-quality soles like CAT and LAsportiva.They are made with special soles that will be able to withstand the extreme conditions of the rock.

Preserve The Stickiness Of The Shoes

Climbing is like any other sport that requires good footwork. If you don’t have good footwork, it will be difficult for you to do well in climbing. This is because you need to have a firm grip on the rock, and you need to move around the rock to do that. To have good footwork, you need to maintain the grip on the rock. You should avoid slipping off the rock because it can cause you serious injuries. The sole of your climbing shoe is made from sticky rubber. This makes it easier for you to get a good grip on the rock. The rubber is designed to make it easy for you to get a good grip on the rock.

If your footwork is poor easily the stickiness of your shoes will be less after some time so it’s always better to do some practice and then try.

If you feel the stickiness of your shoes is getting less, you can use sandpaper and scrub it on rubber to make its stickiness like new.


Climbing is one of the most popular sports activities. A climber needs to know what is going on around him while he is on a mountain or a rock. Climbers have to have great awareness. They need to be able to observe the weather conditions, the topography of the mountain, and the rocks they are climbing.

So, it’s obvious when you are going through a lot your knife should be sharp your gears should be in great condition. Your shoes are one of your first foundations of yours so always take care of them and keep them in their best shape.

Keep checking their stickiness and keep improving it after some time. Also, check for the sole if it’s not in good condition you can resole your shoes. Last but not least maintain good hygiene for yourself also.

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