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How To Clean Used Shoes |Complete Guide
How To Clean Used Shoes |Complete Guide

How To Clean Used Shoes |Complete Guide

Do you know how to clean used shoes? If not, this article is going to give you the complete guide.

It’s amazing how much dust can accumulate in a pair of shoes. And when they start to smell, it’s time to throw them away. But what if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on new ones? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you clean your used shoes for less.

Well, we are going to clean our used dirty shoes in simple steps.

Clean Insoles First

If you don’t know what to do, you first need to clean the insoles of the shoes. This is something that everyone should do, because the insoles are the softest part of the shoes, and they are very prone to getting dirty. The easiest way to clean them is to put them in a bucket of water and gently scrub them with a toothbrush or a washcloth. You might want to use soap to make sure that the insoles get cleaned thoroughly.

 After you have cleaned the insoles, you can make sure that they are completely dry by putting them in the sun for a few minutes. This will also help you to kill some bacteria and remove the odor of old shoes.

Well, after being exposed to water, most insoles are not comfortable anymore as we already know, they are cheap, so I always buy a new one. You could do the same.

Tossed Them In Washing Machine

To make sure your shoes don’t smell and to clean any dirt from them, you should toss them into the washing machine. This is a great idea if you don’t have the time to clean them. You could toss them in the washer, but you should make sure that you rinse them thoroughly.

To do this, fill the washing machine with hot water and add detergent to it. Make sure that the water is warm enough. Wash the insoles using the laundry cycle. Rinse the insoles thoroughly and then air them out until they are completely dry. Same with the shoes.

After you clean your shoes, you should dry them by exposing them to sunlight for a few minutes. you should make sure that you follow these tips to keep your shoes clean.


  • Only do this process with shoes made up of fabric don’t try this with leather ones. As it might be possible that your leather shoes will lose their color or maybe get reacted with chemicals and you will end up with worse pair of shoes.
  • Before putting your shoes inside the washing machine take the laces out 
  • Set the spinner on slow speed if possible so your washer doesn’t get imbalanced.
  • Also, you can read the instruction manual which is provided on the shoe or the manufacturer’s website.

Wash Them With Hands

After Trying the Washing machine, you still u ended up with some stains, or in the case of leather, you can deep clean your shoes with your hands.

You can also use a brush to clean your shoes if necessary. You can use any type of brush you like. Just make sure that you get a good brush. You can get your brush wet with a little bit of water. Then, take your brush and begin to scrub the dirt from your shoes. You can use soap as well. You can clean your shoes by rubbing them with a soft brush. If the stain is very big, you can use a cloth to remove the stains. Make sure that the dirt is cleaned thoroughly.

Make sure that your shoes are dry after being washed, otherwise, you might end up with damp shoes. If you are going to wear your shoes again immediately, make sure that you place them in the sunshine. If you leave your shoes in a humid room, it might cause them to crack and split. It’s important to store your shoes in a dry place. You should hang them in your closet with their laces facing up

Pro tip

  • In the case of white shoes, you can clean them with the help of a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.
  • Also you can use toothpaste on white shoes they will remove the yellowness.
  • In the case of Leather shoes, you can get some leather cleaner from the market or online and use them on your shoes remember you need leather cleaner not leather shiner or protectant to clean them. 

Remove Scuffs On Used Suede Shoes

Suede shoes get scuffs or stains on some spots always and they are very hard to remove well there are some steps you can easily follow to remove them 

  • First try spot cleaning, make a mixture of soap, baking soda, and water and apply to a small scuff area where you want cleaning, and try to use some toothbrush or some hard brush to scrub off the stains.
  • After drying use a pencil to erase and start scrubbing until you get rid of that nasty scuff.
  • Corn starch can also help in case of some oil stains but you have to do this process before spot cleaning. Apply corn starch on an oily stain and leave it for some time so starch can absorb oil and then you can do the above-mentioned steps.
  • Let them dry

How To Disinfect Your Used Shoes

Well after all of the deep cleansing it is very important to disinfect used shoes as they can carry some bacteria inside them or some odor. Well, all you have to do is to follow these steps.

  • As you know, sunlight contains UV rays and UV rays can kill fungi or bacteria inside your shoes so you can simply put old shoes in direct sunlight and it might be effective Or buy some UV light and put your shoes underneath it.
  • There are many disinfectant sprays available in the market which can do the required work for you. But make sure they are not some deodorant 😀
  • You can also use a hair drier for like 30 mint and with the help of heat, we can easily kill those germs.

Reconditioning Of Shoes

It’s time to bring back the Lost Shine and Lost glory of those classics.

It may be possible that your shine is lost because you’ve been doing lots of shoe cleaning. So I recommend that you recondition your shoes with a little conditioner. The best way to keep your shoes clean and shiny is to use a good shoe shine spray.


In conclusion, you can use a lot of different techniques to clean used shoes. The best thing to do is to use a shoe cleaner that will work best for your shoes. This article provides you with information on how to clean used shoes.

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