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How To Remove Beach Tar From Shoes
How To Remove Beach Tar From Shoes

How To Remove Beach Tar From Shoes

This article provides some useful tips on how to remove beach tar from shoes and feet and the best methods to do it.

I’ve been a beach bum my whole life. I’ve spent countless hours swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand, and exploring the beach. On one of my recent trips a strange thing happened with my shoes and feet, they caught some blackish sticky mess. After trying a lot of cleaning they were very difficult to remove, So in this post, I will share my personal experience that how to remove beach tar from shoes.

What is Beach Tar

As you walk along the beach, you may notice that your feet get covered in black residue. The black substance is a combination of oil and dirt. When the sun hits the surface of the sand, it causes the oil to evaporate, leaving a sticky mess on your feet. The oil also creates a sticky surface that attracts more oil, causing a vicious cycle. The good news is that you can easily remove this beach tar from your shoes with the help of a few simple household products as of following.

Cooking Oil.

Cooking spray is one of the best products that you can use to remove beach tar from your shoes. As you don’t have to buy some expensive cleaner and it’s already available in your kitchen It will eliminate all the oil that causes the sticky mess. It also works like a magnet to stick to the tar and then pull it out. Use a few drops of cooking spray on the tar, and then use a towel or paper towel with a soapy mixture to clean it up. You don’t need to worry about damaging the shoe if you have a disposable surface because most of the wear you use on the beach like sandals and slippers. It will leave the shoe looking brand new. Some people believe that using a wet towel is a better way to clean your shoes.

Olive Oil

I used Olive oil for my problem at that time the only oil I had was olive oil and it worked very well and my shoes also looked very good. I used a paper towel and soaked it with olive oil. After soaking a paper towel I tried to clean spots of tar and after some scrubbing, the surface of my slippers was kind of half cleaned then I made a mixture of soap and water. After that, I cleaned the remaining stains with this soapy mixture, and the tar was completely cleaned.

You should always use a mild detergent and a brush or towel. You can also use a brush to remove all the dirt.

Oil Slick

Oil Slick is a product that is available online that is used to remove oil spots from your shoes. There are many different brands of this product. Make sure to buy the right one for your shoes. Use the proper amount of the product as well as the right product for your shoes. You can also use this product on your hand. You will be able to clean your shoes well with this product.

The benefit of Oil Slick is you can use it on your feet and also for kids’ skin it works great without being harmful to the skin. This Oil Slick will easily remove the beach tar from your shoes and your feet.

If you are looking for something similar, you can use some olive oil. It may look like a mess, but it will work great.

Ways to Remove Beach Tar From Your Feet

Well, let’s discuss how to remove beach tar from your feet and give you a list of remedies to help you.

Waterless Hand Degreaser

They are many waterless hand degreasers available on the market like goop which are available online. This hand cleaner comes in cream form and requires no rinsing. It can be used anywhere and any time and so is great for keeping your hands clean and smelling fresh at all times.

This cleaning tool quickly cleans and safely removes grease, paint, ink, tar, and industrial soils from your hands and tools. This biodegradable hand cleaner is safe for the environment, safe for the skin, and easy on your hands. This heavy-duty hand cleaner is infused with natural humectants and does not contain petroleum, this cleaner is safe for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

Grade of glycerin is a very gentle, moisturizing conditioner that gently cleanses and softens hands.


As on the beach, most of the time sunscreen is easily available. So most of the time our feet caught this blacky beach tar and if you want to act fast then this option is for you. I also did this to my feet one time with the help of some wet wipes.

I made a layer of sunscreen on a beach tar patch by spraying and after some time I cleaned it with the help of wipes and miraculously in no time it all went off.


As you know these kinds of patches are irritating and they can leave their imprint on your car seats and home carpet so from personal experience it is great to remove them as early as possible that’s why I presented you all of the remedies so whatever is available at that time .you can remove them with the help of that mentioned product.

On the other hand when cleaning the shoes just take care that your shoes are not made of leather if you are using oil it can produce more stains instead of removing them. Also, do spot cleaning and do not spray the required product all over the shoes it can create a mess.

In the case of hands or feet stay away from experimenting as some chemicals can be harmful to your skin especially in the case of kids be careful as they have sensitive skins. If your skin is allergic to sunscreen or hand degrease you can also use coconut oil as it’s totally natural.

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