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How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet
How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet

How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet

When it comes to shoes, women have an obsession with heels. The average woman spends $1,000 on shoes each year and the average shoe costs around $150. If you’re a woman, you probably love to wear high heels. But for those of us who have wider feet, the thought of trying to fit our shoes into heels that are too small can be a challenge.

It is important to know if you have wide feet you should wear wide heels only some brands make those. Otherwise, they can cause blisters and bunions.

5 ways to stretch out your heels at home

In this post, I’ll share some tips on how to stretch heels you already have if they’re too tight, so you can avoid the problems they can give your feet.

1.Using a freezer and plastic bag

For this hack all, you need is one plastic bag with a zipper so that water can be contained inside it. Fill it with water zip it and then put that bag in your heels now here comes the fun part all you have to do is put those heels in the freezer for 12 hours till that plastic bag gets frozen. (All we are doing in this hack is using the phenomena of anomalous expansion as we know water expands at 4 degrees Celsius).

Now put your heel out of the freezer and wait till all of the ice gets melted. Just take the bag out and try your heels they just got bigger.

2.Socks and Hair Dryer(My Fav)

In this hack, you will need a pair of socks and a hair dryer. First, put your socks on your feet, so that you can fit your foot inside your heel with Lil stretching of fiber.

turn the power on your hair dryer and heat your shoes to expand the fiber or leather of the shoe till you feel that the material of the shoes is expanded. Take the socks off, and you will see that your heels have gotten bigger.

3.Apply Moisturiser (Quick Fix)

When you have just tried your new shoes and you are in a hurry the only method that can save you from being uncomfortable is the application of some lubricant on your feet. Easily available lubes are moisturisers or Vaseline they can do wonders for 1 or 2 hours and can save you from getting blisters on your feet.

But remember don’t use those tight shoes for a long time as you can get some problems due to these tight heels like blisters and bunions.

4.Shoes Stretch Spray

There are a number of products designed to soften fabrics, leathers, or vinyl, so you don’t need to break your feet in those tight heels.

Apply a small amount to your shoes’ problem areas. After some time you can walk in those heels.

5.Shoe Stretcher

A four-way shoe stretcher will help you to sort your problems in a professional way. Now that they are available online, everyone can get these products.

These devices can lengthen and widen your shoes, which makes it easier for you to move. Every 8 to 12 hours turn the adjustable hook and wheel of the shoe stretcher to make sure the toe is kept in the proper position and that will get your desired size.

This method can be combined with a shoe stretching spray and liquids. It works best for leather shoes and sneakers.

Our Thoughts

In the end, we should always use proper size shoes and select carefully while buying. Because these heels we are going to wear all day and by selecting the wrong pair we can get in trouble.

If you ended up getting a tighter shoe fix it at home or try to get help from some professional shoe maker.

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