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How to Whiten Yellow Soles On Shoes Home Remedies
How to Whiten Yellow Soles On Shoes Home Remedies

How to Whiten Yellow Soles On Shoes Home Remedies

In this blog post, we will discuss How to whiten yellow soles on shoes through home remedies.

If you have yellowing of your shoes, it is a serious problem. It can affect the appearance of your shoes. There are many methods to whiten your shoes. The soles of your shoes get dirty fast and they can look dull and discolored. If you want to keep your shoes looking good and make them last longer, you need to learn how to whiten the yellow soles on your shoes.

Why do The Soles Of Shoe Get Yellow

As most of our shoes have white soles which are kind of trendy these days. After purchasing these kinds of shoes, in some weeks their soles get yellow. let me tell you it’s not your fault because when the soles experience the harshness of weather they get oxidized like the plastic of car headlights and in return they get yellow which is very irritating. So let’s discuss how we will get rid of this yellowness

How to Clean Yellow Soles With Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide

Bleach is the reducing agent same as hydrogen peroxide and they treat the oxidation of products or surfaces whichever they encounter. So, to whiten the yellowish soles of your shoes all you have to do is apply this chemical on the soles of your shoes be sure of safety as they can affect sensitive skin. After some time with a little bit of scrubbing, you will observe that your soles are getting white.

To do this purpose easily you can use a towel or some cloth but that cloth will be disposed of after one time of usage. Be careful while scrubbing as you can touch the shoe material or fabric which will lose its color in contact with bleach.

How To Clean Yellow Soles With Baking Soda And Vinegar

  • Make a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and some detergent with hot water.
  • Take one brush or you can use an old toothbrush and dip it in the mixture.
  • Now apply the mixture to soles in a circular pattern.
  • Do heavy scrubbing on the yellowish area and make it clean as much as possible.
  • Now take some Wet towel with water and clean the sole
  • If soles are still not fully white repeat all steps again.

How To Clean Yellow Soles With Toothpaste.

If you want to get rid of the yellowish sole or some yellowish stains on your shoes or boots, you should use toothpaste. It is very simple to make. Just apply the toothpaste to the yellowish spots using a soft-bristled brush. Wait for several hours and then wash your shoes in hot water with mild soap or detergent. You can also use a cloth dipped in the soapy solution to clean the shoes.

Tips: You should use a soft brush to apply the paste to the yellowish spots.

You can use some warm water to remove the yellow color. Make sure that the stain is removed completely.

You can use the same process to clean whole white shoes if they get yellow over time.

If none of the above methods is working and there is too much yellowishness on your shoes and you want them to look like new white. here is what you can do

White Shoe Polish

There is a white shoe polish which is not a kind of actual shoe polish but it’s a paint of white color. You can apply this to the soles of your shoes and leave it for some time. After drying you will notice your soles are white now. Pro-tip, do one more coat of that polish on the soles and you will see after drying that your soles are completely white.

Note: Try as much as you can this shoe polish does not touch the nonwhite area as it will also make that area white which will look like white stains. for this, you can use some tape above the soles to avoid any contact.

Shoe Cleaner

There are many Shoe Cleaners available in the market from different brands and you can purchase them online. You can use shoe cleaner to clean shoes that are stained or dirty. But it is very important to scrub the shoes with the help of a soft bristle brush to remove all dirt before applying shoe cleaner. 


It is always a good idea to clean your shoes as soon as possible after you get them dirty. If you leave your shoes dirty for long periods, the dirt will dry on the soles and cause stains. There is also a chance that the shoes will turn yellowish. Some shoe stores offer shoe care kits that include some useful tools to clean your shoes. There are also many types of shoe polish that you can buy in the store.

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