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What Causes Mold On Shoes
What Causes Mold On Shoes

What Causes Mold On Shoes

This article will tell you what causes mold on shoes and how to avoid it. It will also give you a list of things you can do to clean moldy shoes.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes see a moldy or damp spot on your shoe? Most of the time, it’s a simple case of the right conditions coming together. If you’ve ever had a pair of shoes that you’re not wearing for a while, then you know that they can get quite warm and humid. When you put them on again, the moisture from your feet can seep into the shoe and start to grow mold. This is why it’s important to always keep your shoes in a dry and cool place.

Why Your Shoes Get Moldy Even In Closet

Sometimes, we don’t even realise the importance of keeping our shoes in a place where they stay dry. Mold on shoes can be very harmful. If you don’t keep your shoes dry and in a cool place, then the environment around them will quickly cause them to get moldy. The only way to keep your shoes in good condition is to store them in a cool and dry closet. It’s important to avoid exposing your shoes to the heat or humidity of your home. If your shoes are exposed to these conditions, then they will be more likely to grow mold. This can happen in the closet of your home.

How To Prevent Mold On Shoes

The best way to prevent mold is to keep your shoes in a dry place. Always check them before putting them in your closet. Here is your checklist.

  • Your shoes should be dry if not then try to Air dry them before putting them in the closet.
  • Your closet should not be humid, because mold can grow in the closet and then it can spread to your shoes.
  • If you are a construction worker or some gym enthusiast who works all day and his shoes are moist most of the time then always have two pairs of socks with you so when your feet get sweaty changed them to get rid of moisture. In this way, you will also get rid of smelly shoes.
  • If you are dealing with some expensive shoes try to store them in the newspaper or some silica gel which can absorb moisture and prevent the mold to grow inside of your shoes.

How to Remove Mold From Shoes

Always approach the route cause if mold is in the closet, try to stop it from happening. keep your closet in some dry place and remove all of the molds from it through brushes. 

On the other hand, if your shoes are moldy here are some steps you can follow to remove mold from shoes.

  • As you it can be dangerous to your health so before starting put your mask and gloves on to prevent any effect of it on your health.
  • Now remove the laces and insoles and put them in alcohol.
  • Now use a bristle brush and remove or clean whatever you see on your shoes.
  • After cleaning put them in some spirit if you don’t have it put them in a mixture of alcohol and water for some time in the case of fabric shoes. For leather try to rub them with a cloth dipped in water and alcohol mixture.
  • Now put your shoes in open for air drying and make sure to completely dry them.
  • Again you have to clean your shoes with a cloth drenched in some soapy water. And put them again for air drying.


Mold can grow on the inside of shoes due to being moist or humidity. To prevent this from happening, you must make sure to avoid any contact of your shoes with humidity while you store them. Always dry them before storing them.

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