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What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Longboarding: 4 Must Traits
What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Longboarding: 4 Must Traits

What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Longboarding: 4 Must Traits

What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Longboarding ? this blog post will answer your question and will also state the traits of the shoes required for longboarding.


Longboarding is a skateboarding sport where athletes compete on longboards, usually downhill on a paved road. As there are a lot of turns so especially to get over hairpin turns, the longboards typically have a longer deck that allows the rider to position their feet more comfortably, and larger wheels that provide a smoother ride over rough surfaces, and longboards are designed to be more stable and easier to ride over longer distances.

What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Longboarding

It originated in the 1950s when surfers in Hawaii wanted a way to practice their skills on land when the waves were not suitable for surfing. Longboards are typically used for cruising, carving, downhill racing, and sliding.

Longboarding has become a popular sport and form of transportation, with many people using longboards to commute or explore their city. It also has a strong community of enthusiasts who participate in events and competitions worldwide.

Shoes to Wear for Longboarding

Longboarding requires good grip, support, and comfort to perform various tricks and maneuvers on the board. Wearing shoes with rubber soles can provide a better grip and traction to the rider’s feet, which can help in maintaining stability and control on the board. Here are some things to consider when choosing shoes for longboarding:


Look for shoes with a grippy sole that provides good traction on the board. Flat-soled shoes with a sticky rubber outsole, such as skate shoes, are a good choice.


Longboarding can be tough on your feet, so it’s important to choose shoes that provide good support. Look for shoes with a sturdy sole and a comfortable, cushioned footbed.


Shoes that are too stiff can make it difficult to control the board. Look for shoes that are flexible enough to allow you to move your feet easily.


Longboarding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tiring. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and fit well to reduce the risk of blisters and sore feet.

Why Rubber Outsole Shoes are Important for Longboarding?

What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Longboarding

Rubber sole shoes are important for longboarding because they provide a better grip on the board and improve the rider’s control over the board. Longboarding involves a lot of footwork and balance, and rubber soles help in providing the necessary traction to the rider’s feet.

Rubber is a flexible material that provides a good grip even on wet or slippery surfaces, making it ideal for longboarding in different weather conditions. Shoes with rubber soles can also absorb shocks and vibrations, which can reduce the impact on the rider’s feet, ankles, and knees.

The rubber helps you get the grip to pace up when going uphill or on a flat path and absorb those jerks on your feet. As the rider has to push the board with one leg in a recurring stepping action.  

Additionally, rubber soles also offer good shock absorption, which can reduce the impact of landings and prevent injuries. Therefore, wearing shoes with rubber soles is highly recommended for longboarding, especially for beginners who are still developing their balance and coordination skills on the board.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to longboarding, wearing the right shoes is crucial for comfort, control, and safety. Longboarding requires a lot of footwork and balance, and the shoes you wear can significantly impact your performance and experience on the board.

The shoes should have a flat and firm surface to provide stability and support. High heels or shoes with curved soles can affect your balance and make it harder to control the board.

Longboarding involves spending a lot of time on your feet, and uncomfortable shoes can cause blisters, soreness, or even injuries. Look for shoes that fit well, have enough cushioning, and provide support to your feet and ankles.

When it comes to the material of the shoes, it’s best to choose shoes that are breathable and flexible. Leather shoes or shoes with a hard outer layer can be too stiff and limit your movements, while shoes made of mesh or other breathable materials can keep your feet cool and comfortable.


In conclusion, the shoes you wear for longboarding should provide good grip, support, and comfort. Look for shoes with rubber soles, a flat and firm surface, breathable material, and a comfortable fit. With the right shoes, you can enjoy longboarding while keeping your feet and body safe and comfortable.

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